IPSOS Asked Are You Optimistic that 2024 Will Be a Better Year

Through its Global Advisor online platform, IPSOS surveyed in October and November 2023 across 34 countries, focusing on people's optimism about the upcoming year 2024.

The central question posed to respondents was: "Are you optimistic that 2024 will be a better year for you than 2023?" The results revealed a global sense of hope, with 70% expressing optimism for 2024, marking a 5-percentage point increase from the previous year. This rise suggests a movement towards the optimism levels of 75%-80% typically seen over the last decade.

Here's a detailed snapshot of the sentiment in the countries surveyed, including the variance noted in Canada:

- Indonesia emerges at the top with an optimism level of 91%.
- India, Mexico, and China each show an optimism level of 87%.
- The Philippines are close behind with 86% optimism.
- Peru follows with 83%.
- Chile, South Africa, and Colombia each report 79%.
- Brazil is optimistic at 78%, with Thailand at 77%.
- Hungary shows a strong sentiment at 76%.
- Malaysia and New Zealand each have a positive outlook with 73%.
- Singapore reports 71% optimism.
- Poland's optimism is at 70%.
- Argentina is slightly lower at 69%.
- The Netherlands, Romania, and Australia each stand at 68%.
- Spain and Portugal both report an optimism level of 66%.
- The United States is moderately optimistic at 65%.
- Sweden and Great Britain have an equal optimism level of 64%.
- The IPSOS poll shows Canada with a sentiment of 63% optimism. However, this contrasts with findings from The Angus Reid Institute, where about 70% of Canadians believe 2024 will be better than 2023. The slight variation in results may stem from the different wording of the question posed by The Angus Reid Institute, which asked: "If you had to guess how the next year is going to go for you, do you feel it's going to be?" This difference in survey methodology could account for the variation in optimism levels reported.
- Switzerland is just behind at 61%.
- Italy and Turkey each have an optimism level of 59%.
- Germany reports a reserved 57%.
- South Korea and Belgium are at 52%.
- France shows more pessimism, with 46% optimism.
- Japan has the lowest optimism score at 39%.

Australia v New Zealand

The recent IPSOS poll results reveal a notable difference in public sentiment between Australia and New Zealand regarding their outlook for 2024. Australia's optimism level is at 68%, contrasted with New Zealand's higher level of 73%. This disparity suggests the two countries' differing economic, social, and political climates. In Australia, a combination of economic challenges, social issues, environmental concerns, "The Voice" Referendum, and a dominant narrative that "Australians are doing it hard" might have contributed to a lower mood of optimism at the time of the survey.

On the other hand, New Zealand's optimism level, buoyed by the change of government, reflects a more favourable national mood. This political shift positively affected public sentiment, alongside potentially more favourable economic conditions, effective policy responses to various issues, and a general sense of progress and satisfaction with the country's direction.

The marked difference in optimism between these neighbouring countries underscores the influence of domestic politics and the power of government change in shaping public sentiment. While Australia and New Zealand share many cultural and historical ties, the variance in general outlook highlights the unique paths they are charting and how these divergent journeys are reflected in the hopes and expectations of their citizens for the year ahead.

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