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Services Supporting Your Optimism and Those you Love and Like


The Centre for Optimism is predominantly about helping you find what makes you optimistic and how to be more infectiously optimistic.   It's about helping find out what makes your team optimistic.

The question we ask is  "what makes you optimistic?"

Our underlying belief is that the leader looks like the person in your mirror.  

Learn More about The Centre for Optimism's Workshop: Optimism - The How and Why

For You, The Human Being

For you, the individual, there are lots of resources on this website.  We have many gatherings online and in person.

The best way to start is to:

For the Organisation 

Read More about our Flagship Optimism Workshop


We offer: 

  • Workshops on How to be more Optimistic and on Infectiously Optimistic Leadership These workshops have been delivered globally in environments as diverse as corporate boards and retreats; strategy retreats; leadership courses; university staff retreats; university student events; schools; refugee groups; and prisons.   The time for this has varied from one hour to a half day depending on the needs of the organisation and age profile of the participants.  Read more.
  • Keynote Speeches on Optimism and on Optimistic Leadership.
  • Moderated Board and Executive Roundtables on "What makes you optimistic?"  This has been successfully run in organisations as diverse as drought-affected water corporations, financial institutions and small businesses.  Ideally, it becomes a quarterly discipline within the organisation to counter what David Gonski has referred to as excessive emphasis on negative risk diminishing innovation and missing opportunity.
  • Moderated Strategy Retreats and Sessions: Too many strategy sessions are soured by consulting firms presenting all negative scenarios (the pessimism industry) and futurists also pitching easy cynicism and pessimism.  What's the point of a strategy if the future of the organisation doesn't look better at the end than at the beginning?  
  • Conference and Summit Packages
    • Running an Optimism Theme.  We advise conference committees and organisers on how to run a consistently optimistic theme through a conference.  
    • Moderating a Case for Optimism panel at the beginning and end of a conference.
    • Interviewing keynote speakers and delegates on what makes them optimistic in the lead-up to a conference to stimulate delegate and media interest.
      • We infuse the social media of the conference host and organisers with optimistic quotes and slides.
      • We populate screens at conference venues with the optimism of participants.
      • We interview participants at conferences and create media presentations and films on the day.
  • Media and Communications Training and Coaching.  It's not easy to get positive stories through the static of negativity and cynicism.  Many media organisations routinely bin corporate press releases.  Our experienced team led by Robert Masters will help you find the way through.

Keynote Speakers on Optimism 


  • Our Founder Victor Perton on "Optimism: The Why and How" and "The infectiously Optimistic Leader"
  • Our Chair, Robert Masters on "Positive Communications in the Age of Pessimism and Cynicism" and "Communication Optimistic Messages"
  • Advisory Board Member, John Hagel, is a global renown speaker offering provocative perspectives and deep business insight.  He has spoken at the World Economic Forum Davos Annual Meeting, TED, Fortune Brainstorm, South by Southwest, the Aspen Ideas Festival, the Consumer Electronics Show and Techonomy and many many more events. 
  • Advisory Board Member, James Strock, the author of Serve to Lead, provides expert analysis and commentary on leadership, management, politics and government, electoral reform, regulation, environmental-social-governance, and cultural trends. 


More For the Individual

  • One-to-one workshop on "Optimism: The How and Why?" and "The Infectiously Optimistic Leader"
  • Tailored Coaching or Mentoring on "Realistic and Infectiously Optimistic Leadership"
  • Family and friends workshop or roundtable on "Optimism: The How and Why?" and "The Infectiously Optimistic Leader"
  • Webcasts and Video Conferencing
  • Interview on "What makes you Optimistic?" - generally this is free but if you would prefer some coaching, editing and a video style, this can be done for a fee.


Connect With Us

We love to connect with everyone who is ready to open up and share their optimisim.