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The Optimist's Checklist for Success in Transformation and Change Projects 

The Optimist's Checklist for Success in Transformation and Change Projects is one of the results of our research which shows Optimism Underpins Successful Transformation and Change Projects. This research study is led by Jeff Kerr-Bell, Robert Masters, Kay Clancy and Amanda Noz.

Vision:  Develop an inspiring optiimistic Vision.  

Think change that embraces an enhanced optimistic culture in the organisation to improve the lives of the team, leaders and stakeholders.

Leadership: Appoint Realistic and Infectiously Optimistic leaders.

Think about how Leadership can create the desire, knowledge and reinforcement for successful change.

Stakeholders: Define and Understand the stakeholders. 

Analyse stakeholders with a focus on developing a change-ready culture. What is their culture? 

Scope: Determine the scope to everyone is on the same page

What are the parameters for implementing and achieving the Vision?

Strategy and ProcessesMap the strategy and processes to move from the current state to the desired state. How are we influence the stakeholders towards the desired state?

Resources: Ensure the program is resourced with ‘enabling’ people with supporting budgets. Define resourcing needs – people and technology - to achieve success.

Engagement: Build and influence people to embrace the change.

Map out the engagement processes to influence, educate, communicate and lead to achieve the Vision via demonstration, championing, education, communication and reinforcement.

Governance: Govern with an optimistic and positive outlook. Establish a framework that inspires success and overcomes fear, where risk is assessed as an enabler, not a preventer.

How should the project be monitored; how should it be measured and evaluated (re KPIs) to ensure it remains on track or adjusted to achieve the Vision?


Victor Perton

Generally, optimists attract other optimists, and those other optimists will boost your own optimism, joy and happiness. It can become a virtuous circle, but you first need to seek it out or set it up.


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