Peta Murphy's Optimism in a Debate on Jobs and Skills

It's why there is a sense of optimism and hope that the future will be better.

Speaking in the Australian House of Representatives on the debate on the Jobs and Skills Australia Bill 2022, the Member for Dunkley Peta Murphy concluded:

"It's so important to encourage Australians to train in the new energy jobs of the future. It's so important to provide additional support so they can complete their training. This government will provide $100 million to support 10,000 new energy apprenticeships through our New Energy Skills Program and to develop fit-for-purpose training pathways for new energy industry jobs. It will do so in the spirit that the Albanese Labor government wants to govern in: in partnership with the states and territories, industries and unions. We have a commitment and a plan to deliver a reduction in emissions of at least 43 per cent by 2030 and to do so by giving Australia the opportunity to become the renewable energy superpower that we know that we can and should be.

"That commitment, again, feeds into a strategy to make sure Australians are skilled and able to take on the jobs of the future—the smart, well-paid, secure jobs that will come from the development of the renewable energy industry. They're the sorts of jobs that people in my community desperately want for themselves and for their children. It's why there is a sense of optimism and hope that the future will be better - that we will be able to provide a better future for our children—because we have a government that is committed to a strategy to make that happen. I commend this bill to the House."


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