More optimism among the Young People of this Country would not Harm

"a bit more optimism among the young people of this country would not harm."

Simone Galimberti on Nepal in "Let's be a bit more optimistic: Maybe things are not as bad as they seem."

That is probably true for most countries.

Simone refers to "Lower middle-class kids are pulled by what I called the "Down Under Syndrome", the attraction that #Australia is having on so many young people of this nation. Testimony to this, we had over a dozen of national football players, all good, migrating there. Technically and legally speaking, "migrating" is the wrong word, but it is a default understanding that all those who go to Australia to study, mostly in second- and third-class higher learning institutions, are going there to stay."

More optimism among the young people of Australia would be good. The Nepalese migrants and students lift Australia's average optimism.



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