"Collective fortitude keeps me optimistic for the future": Senator Larissa Waters

by Victor Perton

"I fundamentally believe in humanity’s capacity for decency, ingenuity and rising to meet challenges that affect us all. I see kids determined to make their voices heard, regional towns fighting for refugees, scientists who persist despite political opposition, and First Nations communities refusing to give up. This collective fortitude keeps me optimistic for the future."

That's what Australian Senator Larissa Waters generously shared with me when I asked her what makes her optimistic.

Senator Waters is the Leader of the Australian Greens in the Australian Senate.

Earlier in the year, moving an amendment to the Australian Government's Climate Change Bill 2022,  Larissa said, "That is why we are moving today to increase the targets to 75 per cent by 2030 and to make sure that our net-zero target is brought forward to 2035. We can actually do this, and I have a lot of confidence and optimism in the ability of our nation and our workers to take this transition seriously and create the fantastic domestic manufacturing opportunities that 100 per cent renewables will provide. This could be a real boon for our economy, and I think most people understand that."

After reading that, I wrote to Larissa asking her "What makes you Optimistic?"

Australians desire infectiously optimistic leadership to lead us out of the fog of pessimism, that's why we wrote our model for "Framing a New Optimistic National Narrative."  It's good to share Larissa's case for optimism.

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