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The Optimistic Work of Seeing People as They Can Be: Kristine Niven

"My sense of Optimism stems from a desire to get to know people and their stories - gaining a sense of what motivates, inspires and drives them - to be able to build a range of positive working and personal relationships whilst connecting with a diverse range of people, both internal and external to the school environment. There is positive energy in schools when people work together with students at the heart of their work, ultimately guiding them to be better people and craft a better society. This is optimistic work, seeing people as they can be tomorrow rather than who they are today. As an EA working in a school, every conversation and interaction is valuable, and I look forward to these every school day as part of the broader narrative and mosaic of the culture. The nature of our roles and rewarding work combined with these daily interactions provide for a daily optimistic environment - a place of learning, connection and belonging. These elements make me optimistic!"

That's what Kristine Niven told me when I asked her what makes her optimistic.

Kristine is  the Founder of EAs in Education and

I asked Kris about positive leaders who have inspired her.  Kris mentioned her colleague, Dr Steven Middleton, and cited "Steven’s optimism - to encourage, support, mentor and coach - he brings out the best in people to grow great people and leaders."

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