Who have been the positive leaders in your life's journey?

In our survey "Positive Leadership for the 2020s?" we ask, "Who have been the positive leaders in your life's journey? Who has inspired you?"

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Aaron Batchelor

Adam Bowcutt

Ajay Prakash

Al-Ruali Faisal  

Alan Mankoff - Managing Director Dun & Bradstreet Pty Ltd

Alan Ruddock at The Scotsman

Andrew Forrest at FMG
He inspired me for his vision, energy and determination." 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
"success story in bodybuilding and fitness, movies and politics inspired me to stay disciplined, grounded and flexible."

Aung San Suu Kyi  

Ayn Rand

President Barack Obama 
"Obama overcame adversity, ingrained prejudice, and remained humble in success."

Bernadette McDonald current CEO of RCH Melbourne

Bob Hawke (former PM of Australia)

Brad and Kathy McWhorter

Brett Hellier
"my first manager when I took a commercial role in Australia. He has been a great influence in my life ever since."

Buckminster Fuller, University of Illinois
"synergetics, world resources inventory, spaceship earth"


Cedric Austin

Dr Colin Mendelsohn

Craig Wright

Dr David Abioye

David Currie

Dr David Oyedepo

Eric Thomas

Queen Elizabeth

Gay Flashman 
"a UK media consultant who I had the good fortune to work with who showed me the value of thinking outside the box and reignited by excitement for learning."

George Palmer  

George Siosi Samuels

Graham Kerr

Harold Gardiner

Howard Moody, Group Communications Director, RBS Group (Retired)

Jacinda Ardern 
"On a global level, Jacinda Ardern as she shows how powerful empathy can be in leadership."

Janine Allis

Jesus - the servant leader
"Jesus Christ has not only inspired but is my inspiration & positive role model."

President Jimmy Carter
"I dedicated my book on leadership to him" (Diane Dreher)

Joan of Arc

John Howard, Former PM of Australia

John Maxwell

John Tukey (Princeton, math)

Pope John Paul

Julia Gillard, Former PM of Australia

Justin Brown (Primal Video)

Kevin Short

Lara Giddings as Premier of Tas.  

Laura Garcia
"my personal coach"

Margaret Thatcher

Marisa Murgatroyd (Live Your Message)

Martha Beck 
I"Oprah's Life Couch"

Martin Lewis - Supply Chain Agent, Rover Group (Retired)    

Matt Ridley      

Michael Hudson

Prophet Muhammad

My Father

My Mother

My Parents

My Wife

Natalie Foss

Neil Kinnock

Nelson Mandela

Nick Polyzos

Pat McCafferty, Yarra Valley Water

Paul Levy

Peter Andren"
A former boss, Peter Andren, who went on to become a Federal MP (Independent). He was the most ethical news man I've ever worked with. He proved to me by example that even in such a shallow industry as commercial news, honesty, fairness and balance are the qualities you need to hold onto."

Phillip Britt

Richard Dawkins

Rob Barnett - COO of Friends Life    

Robert Hollis

Robert Masters

Ron Walker AC CBE

Robert Menzies

Dr Robyn Stokes

Roger Mosey, former Head of BBC News

Rosie Harris, Group Risk Director, Friends Life    

Rosita Bowcutt

Ryan Moore

Shirley Cooper - Non-Exec Director and President of the CUPS fellowship

Simon Thornton  

Steve Jobs 
"inspired me for his amazing innovations, drive and presentations."

Dr Suzy Green

4 Mother Teresa  

Thomas Kuhn
"The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (paradigm shifts), question everything."

Tim Ferris
"4-hour work week"

Tony Abbott, Former PM of Australia

Tony Blair

Tony Robbins 
"life coaching style and ability to influence and motivate so many to embark on their success journeys was definitely admirable."

Victor Perton (Probably because I sent out the survey 😊)

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Winston Churchill


"A volunteer leader at a surf lifesaving club when I was a youth." 

"All have inspired me in some way, and it's how I choose a business or a job, is who is my direct leader."

"An Australian Army Officer (Vietnam vintage) who taught me a lot - both the good and bad of leadership."

Every woman who stood for public office

"Leaders for social change. Leaders who counter typical economic models for success."

"My first manager Robyn"

My Front Desk Supervisor and Rooms Division Director at Marriott Hotels

My primary school teacher - Miss Draper

My second class teacher

"one of MY Directors"

"One of the most profound positive leaders is my grandfather. As a 9 year old kid, I was in awe with his love and care for his family, his friends and the community, he shows up for people, was not afraid to say No to do what's right, knows people by name and takes care of people around him, that's a trait of a strong positive leadership."

"Someone who can let me, be me."

Please Take Our Positive Leadership Survey

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