The spirit of solarpunk is one of craftsmanship, egalitarianism, and optimism

Emily Wenstrom in AN INTRODUCTION TO THE SOLARPUNK GENRE wrote, "The spirit of solarpunk is one of craftsmanship, egalitarianism, and optimism where technology can be put to work to solve our greatest problems."

Steve Lord in Cyberpunk: Then and Now, wrote, "Solarpunk is more than an aesthetic and culture. It has a manifesto, a fediverse instancelow-tech and no-tech online magazines. It is a movement founded in cautious optimism. The Solar part of the term represents a sustainable existence for all. In a world ravaged by avarice-driven climate change, rebellion in favour of sustainability and egalitariansim may be the most punk movement of all.

"Whether Solarpunk the aesthetic and Solarpunk the culture will stay separate from a political alignment is yet to be seen. When it comes to Solarpunk, even I struggle to avoid being cautiously optimistic."


In "Solarpunk: Why 2023 Must Be the Year of the Sun", Imogen Malpas FRSA wrote,  "Built on a foundation of climate optimism, inclusivity, and democracy, solarpunk asks us to actively imagine a future where we save the planet in tandem with the human and non-human communities sharing our soils—with historically marginalized people at the center."

Imogen concludes, "There are three elements in the growing body of solarpunk literature that have come to characterize the genre: light, abundance, and transparency. If we can weave these into the roots of solar power generation, we can brighten the world into a sunnier place."


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