Optimism is the fuel that pushes humanity forward: Ryan Ginard

"Optimism is the key that unlocks the status quo, the fuel that pushes humanity forward, and the commonality of a truly aspirational society. For if we didn't have optimism in our lives, in our work, and most importantly in our relationships, the world would be a predictable malaise rather than one of progress and wonder. As a philanthropic futurist, optimism paves the way for me to think not just outside the box, but from a totally different one. To ideate a future where the social sector can move beyond a continuous cycle of civic triage to one where we can start seeding the solutions of tomorrow, and ultimately tackle some of the most critical issues of our time. Now that's a future worth fighting for."

The wisdom and inspiration of Ryan Ginard!  

Ryan answered my question, "what makes you optimistic?"  

Ryan is the 

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