Australia's Optimism about Technological and Scientific Advancement

"It is indeed our optimism about technological and scientific advancement, that is an intrinsic quality in Australia’s pioneering culture. That will be the secret to addressing the many climate change challenges ahead."

That's what Professor Rocky Scopelliti wrote in his book, "Disruptive Decarbonisation: Australia's technological race to net zero carbon emissions."

Rocky has high confidence in younger generations.  He writes, "The Millennial, Generation Z and Generation Alpha’s optimism about the speed of technological and scientific change to support Australia’s environmental goals this coming decade likely stems from the fact they grew up digitally connected. They have had to adapt to a world-changing much faster than generations before them."

He goes on to say, "For Australia, the optimism amongst those in younger demographics who will be tasked to carry the batton to 2050, about the speed of technological and scientific change required to support Australia’s environmental goals over the coming decade, provides a cultural advantage that could deliver a dividend as Australia transitions into a low carbon economy."

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