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The Secretary of the Trades Hall Council, Sally McManus, tweeted, "Australia finally has an optimistic, visionary, positive and concrete economic plan for the future - Made in Australia."

Maralyn Parker tweeted, "I think Future Made In Australia is one of the best political ideas for years. I don't care how many problems they might have to get it up—it shows vision and optimism for all of us."

The "Made in Australia" policy, spearheaded by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, is a public policy to revitalise Australia's manufacturing sector and enhance national sovereignty. The policy focuses on adding value to the country's raw materials by using local, highly skilled workers before exporting products, thus strengthening local industries and creating well-paid, secure jobs across Australia.

Central to this policy is the National Reconstruction Fund, a $15 billion initiative designed to support manufacturing projects that boost regional development and national economic security. This fund aims to invest in various sectors, including advanced manufacturing, clean energy production, and digital technology, ensuring Australia remains competitive in the global market and resilient against future economic disruptions.

Prime Minister Albanese also said, "A new Future Made in Australia Innovation Fund will also back new industries like low-carbon fuels and green metals. Australia has all the tools it needs to prosper in the net-zero world."

The "Future Made in Australia" policy also emphasises integrating Australia's rich natural resources with innovative industrial practices. This includes traditional resources like minerals and renewable energy sources, positioning Australia as a leader in clean energy technology and exports. The initiative underscores the need to upgrade infrastructure, enhance education and skills training, and protect the environment, fostering a sustainable and prosperous future for all Australians.

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