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The Human Spirit: Lauren Sherson

I asked Lauren Sherson what makes her optimistic.

Lauren told me, "the human spirit. It is pervasive over time, over thousands of years, and no matter what has come our way as human beings, we've always been able to have the positivity, resilience, and creativity to forge our way forward no matter what is in front of us."

I like that; it reminds me of Hobhouse's Book Liberalism, where he describes liberalism as the  "liberation of living spiritual energy."

Lauren Sherson is the Liberal Party's candidate for the seat of Albert Park in the Victorian State Election after this month. The Centre for Optimism's first office was in Port Melbourne and we opened our pre-COVID conference centre in Middle Park - both venues within the electorate.  Lauren has been an enthusiastic supporter of The Centre since we formed.

Lauren sat down with me today and shared her optimsim.


I asked Lauren, "what makes you optimistic for Victoria and its future?"

Lauren told me, "It starts with the people and the resilience of the Victoria people. We have been through the world's longest lockdowns. We have been through so many challenges, and the response I keep hearing from people is, "This is an opportunity for us to reset. Let's start again. Let's rewrite our future and where we are going." And that is just such a powerful way to view the world it's such a powerful perspective to have. And when that's in place, the art of the possible is right there."

Watch the video for more details on Lauren and her local campaign.







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