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Many Communities are becoming more Engaged in Politics: Helen Conway

"What makes me optimistic is the fact that many communities are becoming more engaged in politics which is great for the health of our democracy."

That's what Helen Conway told me when I asked her what makes her optimistic.

Helen is a "Community Independent Candidate for North Shore" in the NSW state election 2023.

Both Helen and I value greater community and public engagement in politics.

Optimism is empowering.

Other Perspectives

As Professor Sandra Levitsky, University of Michigan, said, “I believe there is tremendous power in optimism. And I'm not talking about emotional power or psychological power. I'm actually talking about real political power."

"Optimism is political power," is how Shannon Togawa Mercer put it.

And futurist Alex Steffen said, "I think, now more than ever, choosing and voicing optimism is a powerful political action."

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It's the Great Divide in Politics

Musician Michael Franti wrote, "I believe the great battle that's taking place in the world isn't between left and right. It's between cynicism and optimism. There are people who believe it's possible to create a better life and a better world. When we lose that sense of optimism is when we quit, when we give up."

Penny Mordaunt MP, UK’s Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council, said, “The faultline in politics at the moment is not between left and right but between optimists and pessimists. We need optimists for the next tough shift.”

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