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Optimistic because I am Contributing Positively: Vadim Taube

"What makes me optimistic?  Even though history is not a true predictor of the future, I have been very fortunate to surround myself with beautiful people. I have been extended privilege in life that I am very grateful for. I am blessed with many internal and external gifts. I am optimistic because I feel I am contributing positively to my immediate circle and wider society."
That's what Vadim Taube told me when I asked him what makes him optimistic.
Vadim is the Chief Executive Officer at InfoChoice.
I asked Vadim about the positive leaders and bosses who have inspired him.  
Vadim told me,  A positive leader that inspires me is Scott Carter.  He was my CEO at a public company. He is still my friend and mentor. He is an infectiously positive, energetic, humble and intelligent individual."
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