The Optimism of Joanne Butterworth-Gray GAICD

Victor Perton: Joanne, what makes you optimistic?

Joanne Butterworth-Gray GAICD: Optimism if the exquisite taste of the first white peach of the season; it is the trust with which your grandson takes your hand; the acceptance of your destiny and your place in a world that is much bigger than you; and mostly, optimism is living and being the person you are meant to be."

VP: The times call for realistic and infectiously optimistic leaders. Who are the infectiously optimistic leaders who have inspired you?

Joanne Butterworth-Gray GAICD:  "My 6-year old grandson - for whom the world has limitless opportunity  However there are few people whJoanne Butterworth-Gray GAICDo 'infect' me with optimism. Optimism is a quality I draw on from within and affirm in everyday life with simple pleasures. I don't think society rewards leaders who are infectiously optimistic, which is sad, but a reality.  Children are our lifeline, and I cherish those shared moments when I can release my inner child.  Perhaps our times call for genuinely optimistic leadership qualities that are enduring and realistic."

VP: Optimism is the underpinning of good strategy. Would you share your insights into the relationship between optimism and good strategy? 

Joanne Butterworth-Gray GAICD: "Optimism invites you to look over the horizon - an essential ingredient to good strategy!"

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