Optimism Brightens the Day of Simona Marinescu

"Optimism brightens the day. I do not want to live my life seeing only the dark side of it. I truly believe that positive energy attracts positive events; it also brings peace into the body and the mind and makes everything feel right."

That's what Simona Marinescu shared with me when I asked her what makes her optimistic.

Simona Marinescu Headshot (2)The realistic optimist Simona Marinescu is the United Nations Senior Advisor Small Island Developing States.

I asked what makes Simona feel optimistic. Simona told me, "I have gone through a lot and made the best of it by learning the lessons and choosing to see the bright side only. I have also learned from the people I worked with in Iraq, Syria, Liberia, Somalia, Turkey, Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau, United States, etc. and in my own country that unhappiness is self-inflicted and that, even in the worst times of conflict and disasters, one can choose not to get attached to things that hurt."

What makes you optimistic?

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