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Sheba Nandkeolyar on the positive mindset of Elizabeth II

Sheba Nandkeolyar, Founder & CEO of the MultiConnexions Group, told me, "Queen Elizabeth was a larger-than-life leader. She lived her life, not as a distant royal but truly empathetic to all segments of society, from the common man to the influential! She has been a trailblazer in her positive mindset & calm nature, despite all the ups and downs she has lived through both in terms of the economy and in her own family life. And that warm, positive and beautiful smile ….it will stay with us forever."

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As well, John Reynolds generously shared his thinking with me, "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has been an uplifting and dedicated presence in my life. Her Leadership has been a positive, possibility driven force in the world. The future that she has created during her lifetime has been a great motivator for me. I have had the fortune to carry that with me throughout my business career and harnessed it to create myself as a positive and optimistic leader. We can use this moment in history to inspire us to leap into a positive and optimistic future for Australia."

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So too The Honourable Phil Gude shared with me this beautiful piece of wisdom and insight, "I have had the pleasure of living under the ever-watchful cover of two Kings and our sovereign lady Queen Elizabeth. Her late father served his country and the British Commonwealth through some of the World's darkest days and nights. Even in ill health, George VI always exhibited optimism in his thoughts and optimism that his people would succeed in overcoming the oppressor. I was in sixth-grade primary school when he passed. Our now late Queen inherited his positive spirit in spades. She saw us through the recovery from WW2. Queen Elizabeth maintained her optimism that a better world would be built no matter what conflict she confronted, including complicated family matters. There have been many international conflicts and wars during her realm affecting those of us within the British Commonwealth of Nations: Through wars, famine, fire and floods, she maintained in the most dignified way a stoic assurance that any obstacle encountered in life would or could be overcome. That was something my late father instilled in me too. Yet, at the same time, they retained by word and deed a profound optimism that solutions can and will be found by mankind. Our challenge is to accept the opportunity; how fantastic is that? Always making the very best of every situation empowered Queen Elizabeth to be just, fair, loving and, above all, forever optimistic. I respect and thank her for always being true to her beliefs, encouraging those least able to fend for themselves and for her belief and trust in future generations to make the world a better place for everyone. A new King is now among us; his opportunity awaits us all. RIP our Queen for all ages."

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