Saudi Center for Opinion Polls Hope Index Finds Saudis Most Optimistic


In partnership with Gallup International, the Saudi Center for Opinion Polls has published its "Global Hope Index," highlighting an exceptional level of optimism among Saudi citizens about 2024.

The index is based on the question, "As far as you are concerned, do you think that 2024 will be better, worse, or the same as 2023?"

As far as you are concerned, do you think that 2024 will be better, worse, or the same as 2023?

Saudi Arabia leads the index with an impressive score of +82, reflecting that 84% of Saudis feel optimistic about 2024 being a better year than 2023. Only 2% feel it will be worse, and 9% did not respond. This optimism starkly contrasts the global average, where only 39% believe 2024 will be an improvement over 2023.

Top 5 Countries: Saudi Arabia (+82), Indonesia (+61), Kosovo (+52), Afghanistan/India (+47), Albania (+46).

Bottom 5 Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina (-45), Italy (-22), Serbia (-21), Bulgaria (-20), Portugal (-15).

Economic Prosperity: Will Next Year Be a Year of Economic Prosperity, Economic Difficulty, or Remain the Same for Your Country?

Saudi Arabia again tops the list for optimism for economic prosperity, with 82% of its citizens expecting economic prosperity in 2024. This optimism reflects the nation's positive economic outlook and anticipated growth.

Top 5 Countries for Economic Prosperity: Saudi Arabia (82%), Mexico (58%), Albania (54%), Indonesia (53%), Afghanistan (50%).

Global Peace: Do you expect the coming 2024 to be for the world a more peaceful one, a more troubled one, or the same?

Regarding global peace, 55% of Saudis are hopeful that 2024 will be a more peaceful year for the world.

Top 5 Countries for Global Peace: Afghanistan and Indonesia (68%), Moldova (54%), Kazakhstan (48%), Albania and Peru (45%).

Consistency with Other Studies on Saudi Optimism

The high level of optimism reflected in the "Global Hope Index" aligns with findings from other studies. The Toluna Global Consumer Barometer reported that 71% of Saudi consumers are confident about the future, significantly higher than the global average of 43%. Additionally, YouGov's Expo 2020 Global Optimism Outlook Survey found that 61% of the Saudi public identified themselves as "optimists," surpassing the global average. These studies underscore a trend of optimism among the Saudi population, reflecting positive sentiments about their personal lives and the future.

Methodological Considerations, Transparency, and Regional Trends

The report does not disclose the methodology nor the number of people surveyed; notably, Australia and New Zealand are not included in the survey. 


The "Global Hope Index" and similar studies offer a snapshot of Saudi optimism and perspectives on the upcoming year. The high level of optimism among Saudis, especially compared to the global average, is a significant indicator of the national sentiment and expectations for 2024. The varied perspectives on economic prosperity and international peace across different countries, combined with regional trends in optimism, enrich our understanding of global optimism.

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