Vale Reg Macey, Optimist

"I am an optimist because I know that the overwhelming majority are decent people with a view that is the universal equivalent of "There, but for the Grace of God, go I. "This belief has always encouraged me never to cease indulging in energetic activism to support issues where demonstrable unfairness needs to be corrected."

That's what Reg Macey told me when I asked him what made him optimistic.

My friend, former Parliamentary colleague and supporter of The Centre for Optimism passed away in the last few days.

His last Facebook post a few days before he died was typically Reg, full of happiness and joy.


Reg's worried optimism was the bedrock of his public service, which saw him play transformative roles at multiple levels of government. As a Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works commissioner, he was at the forefront of urban development and public works shaping Melbourne's landscape. His leadership skills were further recognised when he was elected a South Melbourne City Councillor, where he served as Mayor.  

Rege was elected to the Victorian Legislative Council as a Liberal, representing Monash Province. Reg served with distinction and a rare blend of pragmatism and idealism from 1985 until his resignation in 1992. I served with him from 1988 to 1992.

Reg never lost faith in the future or in the actions we can take today to forge a better tomorrow.
As we honour his memory, we reflect Reg's commitment to the community and his unwavering optimism. He was a man who not only believed in the decency of others but also enacted it through his actions, leaving a legacy that continues to inspire. 

Vale Reg Macey, a good man.






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