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Rachel Bevans on Optimism

What makes me optimistic are the possibilities that regeneration brings and the innate strength of the individual to turn things around and make a difference for themselves, other people, animals and nature. Big and small.

From the first shoots of green and the release of the first burnt koalas into the wild to tradies helping to rebuild homes and people holidaying in affected areas.

From single mums raising creative, curious kids to cancer patients striving to make their impact on society.

The way our bodies heal from illness and injury.

The way mistreated humans and dogs learn to love again.

Second chances, the people that give them and people that make the most of them.

Shifting from habits that may have served their purpose in the past to new habits that serve your purpose for the future.

From smoker to weekend warrior.

From betrayal to trust.

From fossil fuels to renewables.

We’re surrounded by the possibilities of regeneration.


Victor Perton:  The times call for realistic and infectiously optimistic leaders. Rachel, who are the infectiously optimistic leaders who have inspired you?

Rachel Bevans: I have selected two women who are quite different but both very inspirational leaders who demonstrate infectious, realistic optimism in their own special ways.

  • Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister, New Zealand - The very premise of a well-being budget which is at the heart of her government, is realistic optimism, and what makes that infectious for her is her deep compassion. 
  • Jess Scully, Deputy Lord Mayor, City of Sydney - The way she enthusiastically speaks about the problem, the vision and ideas to address it and determination in action is realistic optimism and what makes that infectious for her is her creative, compelling delivery.

Rachel Bevans is the MD of the Healthy Brand Company and a member of The Centre for Optimism 



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