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Food Community Hour of Optimism in The Optimism Cafe

During the economic dislocation caused by COVID lockdowns and restrictions, the need for food sharing and distribution has reached record levels. There has been extraordinary innovation in the organisations managing those needs. In this Optimism Cafe, we were led by the examples of Hong Kong and Bendigo. 


In The Centre for Optimism's Optimism Cafe on Food, Community and Optimism in December 2020, Victor Perton asked the panellists what makes them optimistic. 

Chair of the Centre for Optimism, Robert Masters told us, "If people start to look more and more in how they can actually assist their fellow man, we will have a better world and a more #optimistic world. "it's the work that people like Robin and Bridget and Maureen do to make the world a better place and to look after their fellow man."

Maureen Chen said, "I really believe that innately people are good; and when people have a chance to share, they do that with their heart, and they experience the benefit as well."

Bendigo Foodshare's Bridget Bentley said, Bendigo community spirit is just overwhelmingly high.... everywhere we look every single day, I'm made more #optimistic by the support we've received."

Hong Kong Foodlink's Robin Hwang said, "What's driving us and that's what makes us optimistic is that outpouring of generosity that we have received this year."


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