"Optimism, determination at the heart of Australia's national day"

The Australiain Editorial 26 January 2020:  "The volunteer firefighters of Australia, the pride of a grateful nation, are collectively our 2019 Australian of the Year.

These men and women, editor-in-chief Christopher Dore said, “represent the spirit of modern Australia, capture our history of bravery, sacrifice and service, and remind us of our unique connection to land held so dear by indigenous Australians”. Firefighters, he said, represent “an optimism that has come to epitomise the Australian character, an air of dogged determination and admirable aspiration that has made us who we are and will continue to define us as a nation in the decades ahead”.

"Aspiration, determination and optimism shine through the stories of generations of those who have come to our shores in search of new homes."



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