An Hour of Irish Optimism with Mark Henry

Mark Henry is the author of "In Fact: An Optimist’s Guide to Ireland at 100In this classic hour of optimism in November 2021, we celebrated the reasons for optimism for Ireland and the world. 


Mark Henry on the World's Most Optimistic People

"And on the optimism theme, I end the book with a quote that I found in a research study, which was looking at countries around the world in terms of optimism. And the conclusion was the most optimistic people in the world appear to be young, economically secure, educated women in Ireland. They have everything going for them. And I think we've never had more of them than ever before. So, of course, we face challenges as a country, but as we head into our second century, we have never been better placed to tackle them than any previous Irish generation. And we have the potential there and the claim, at least in that study, to be amongst the most optimistic people in terms of our future prospects too."


Nóirín Mosley

"I think, you know, sometimes the facts speak for themselves and maybe we should believe them. Maybe we should believe more good news stories and learn more and look for more good news stories in our own lives and in the world."



Michelle Power's Optimism

"I'm optimistic by my nature. I see myself as an optimist, so it's gotten me through some difficult times. And, ultimately, you know, plans and looking towards the future, that's really what gets me going from an optimistic point of view."


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