The qualities of Australian Leadership which differentiate us globally

Before the pandemic, three-year Australian Leadership Project research concluded that there was a combination of 3 qualities of leadership that distinguished the typical good Australian leader - egalitarianism, self-effacing humour and plain speaking. 

Emerging from the pandemic and fear, we know people want optimism and hope.  What do they want of their leaders?

Commencing November 2021, we sought to update our research with Australians having endured almost two years of the COVIOD pandemic. 

We started with a web survey, "What's Good Australian Leadership in the 2020s?"

The Questions we asked were:

  • What do Australians want of their leaders or bosses?
  • Who have been the leaders in your life's journey? Who has inspired you?
  • What's your favourite story of a leader or boss you have worked with?
  • What are the qualities of Australian leadership and leaders which differentiate us globally?
  • Do you agree that the 2020s demand realistic and infectiously optimistic leadership?

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What are the qualities of Australian leadership and leaders which differentiate us globally?


In the survey, the qualities agreed upon were plain speaking; realistic, optimistic, egalitarian and self-effacing.   Only plain-speaking got majority agreement in the survey sample.graph from qualities of australian leadership

Word-Cloud for Other Qualities: It was interesting to see the very negative comments reserved for politics.  Leadership in Australia is often seen as political leadership rather than leaders in other sectors. 

other leadership qualities word cloud


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