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I firmly believe in the importance of deliberate optimism: Dona Tantirimudalige

"I firmly believe in the importance of deliberate optimism, positive change brought to life and made real through drive and action."

So said Dona Tantirimudalige, Managing Director, Westernport Water.

I love Dona's positive leadership.  In my book, "Optimism: The How and Why", I quote Dona on innovation: 

"Where necessity might be the mother of invention, without optimism, invention would seldom grow beyond the embryonic. What do I mean by that? Well, I believe optimism is critical in every step towards innovation. The drive to dream of what might be possible unconstrained by the perceived restrictions of the status quo requires optimism. The courage to not only envision the future you want but to step into planning and creating that future requires optimism. The willingness to step away from the theoretical and into action requires optimism. And when facing failure, the resilience to dust yourself off, regroup, learn, and try again (or try something different) requires optimism. Every step towards innovation requires optimism."

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