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Optimism is what You Need Today


In a very interesting essay, "Hope, self-efficacy, optimism and resilience — what you need today!",  Martie Moore, MAOM, RN, CPHQ writes, "When I think about optimism, I will share that as I work across the nation, the level is low within healthcare. In asking leaders, what they are optimistic about, I am usually met with a very awkward long pause. Behavioral science has shown through research that optimism is a necessary emotion for recovery from traumatic events. 

"Recently, I watched a team in their morning huddle each share one thing that they were optimistic about for the day. They started focusing on optimism when they video recorded their huddle and heard how much of it was focused on what was wrong, and how horrible the shift was going to be. I smiled when one team member shared, “I am optimistic that I will be able to take my lunch break today because we have the people to make that happen.” 

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