Good Questions

What makes you optimistic?
See Centre for Optimism Survey 

What makes you Feel Optimistic?
See Centre for Optimism Survey 

What sort of Optimist are you?
See Centre for Optimism Survey 

What makes you optimistic about this challenge ahead of us?
A good question from the University of Colorado Boulder's Kelsey Simpkins to Professor Matthew Burgess on the recent IPCC report.  Read More

"Thinking about the state of the world in general right now, how optimistic or pessimistic do you feel about the year ahead?"
Dynata Global Consumer Trends survey

"How can we move from a sense of fear and dread to one of hope and optimism?"
Northern Beaches Council to Adam Goodrum, one of the Council's Environmental Art & Design Prize judges.

"What makes you optimistic that the world can address climate change?"
Adele Peters to Melanie Nakagawa


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