G20, APEC and East Asia Summit: Anthony Albanese leaves with Optimism

"I leave these meetings with my optimism that the world and the region can guide the economic recovery and seize the opportunities that come from the transition to Net Zero to create a better future."

Leaving the policy-rich trio of meetings, the G20, APEC and East Asia Summit, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said, "We secured a very positive leaders' declaration at the G20 meeting. Something that was always going to be a difficult outcome to achieve, but it was achieved, and I pay tribute to President Widodo and his very strong leadership at the G20. He was a gracious host, Indonesia put such effort into hosting the G20. It's the biggest event internationally that's been held in Indonesia. The relationship with Indonesia is one that I place great stake in. They will be, along with India, in the top four economies in the world in the coming period. And we need to increasingly engage with them. And I'm hopeful that President Widodo will come down to Australia for our bilateral meeting next year. In today's globalised world, as I said, the challenges can't be dealt with just by nation states acting alone. We need to have cooperation. And that is what I think we've seen the shoots of over the last week.

"It has been very constructive, and I leave these meetings with my optimism that the world and the region can guide the economic recovery and seize the opportunities that come from the transition to Net Zero to create a better future that you've heard me speak about before.

"That better future can only be achieved if we're engaged, if we have standing in the world, if we're treated with respect, and if we treat others with respect. That's what I've sought to do in having the great honour of being Prime Minister at these forums."

Following up on the television show, "Weekend Sunrise". Mr Albanese was asked by Mark Riley, "Are we heading towards a global recession now?"

"PRIME MINISTER: Certainly, the IMF today, the Managing Director Georgieva, was much more positive than I expected, than some out of the outlooks are. Certainly there are headwinds in the global economy. But she pointed out that we need to make sure that monetary policy works with fiscal policy, but that at the same time we look after the vulnerable. What struck me about this entire week of summits is the consistency in the messaging coming through about the way that an economy should work, about the challenge of dealing with climate change by seizing the opportunities that are there. I'm much more optimistic about the world than I was perhaps ten days ago as a result of that consistency of the message coming through overwhelmingly from the leaders."

"RILEY: That’s optimistic, that’s good. Now, you mentioned climate change. Are you optimistic about your chances of hosting a COP in Australia?

"PRIME MINISTER: I've received very positive feedback. I've received either commitments or at least positive considerations. No one said no. So I am positive about 2026 being able to host a COP in Australia. This is a big event. It brings tens of thousands of people to attend and coming to Australia. It would showcase Australia to the world and that is always a good thing. It's also important that during the APEC Summit that we've just had we had in the Bangkok Goals adopted, again, a consistency about the need to act on climate change. And in the Vice President of the United States’ acceptance of APEC host duties for 2023 she spoke about the goal of net zero and how that would be a focus of next year's APEC meeting."

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It has been a consistent theme by Anthony Albanese.

On election eve 2022, he said: "I want a country where hope and optimism are the major emotions projected from our national government to the Australian people."

On the doorstep of his home before heading to Canberra to be sworn in as Prime Minister, he said: "I want to lead a government that has the same sentiment of optimism and hope that defines the Australian people. I want to be positive and channel the opportunity we have to shape change, so we bring people with us on the journey of change."

At a doorstop at the premises of Pallion, the Prime Minister said, "I'm very proud to represent this local community, but I'm also very proud to be the Prime Minister of Australia, to lead Australia at a time where really we're at a crossroads. We can be more successful if we're optimistic if we seize those opportunities which are there. I'm determined to do so."

"I am optimistic that the world can move."

In response to a question in Parliament from Zali Steggall in climate change, the Prime Minister said, "I am optimistic that the world can move. I want Australia to be a part of that, and my government's commitment is to do just that."

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