Celebrating the Optimism of Alabama's African Americans


Celebrating the Optimism of Alabama's African Americans
by Victor Perton

"Resilient, optimistic and courageous" 

Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama proclaimed February as Black History Month, inviting all Alabamians to celebrate the enduring spirit of African American leaders through the ages. "I have proclaimed February as Black History Month in the State of Alabama. I encourage all Alabamians to join me in taking pride in the resilient, optimistic, and courageous African American leaders past, present, and future."

Wouldn't we all aspire for our community to echo these sentiments?

This call to action is more than an invitation; it reflects optimism's transformative power in driving societal progress. 

Optimism, deeply rooted in the African American community, is a beacon of hope and resilience. 

With over 60% of African Americans identifying as optimistic, compared to lesser percentages in other demographics, it's evident that this optimism is a cultivated strength born out of spirituality, community, family, and a history of overcoming formidable challenges.

The journey of African Americans is marked by resilience. From the trials of slavery to the campaign for civil rights and equality, this community's leaders have showcased courage. The legacies of civil rights leaders and the achievements of modern-day pioneers across various fields underscore the relentless spirit of optimism that propels the community forward.

Governor Ivey's proclamation is not merely a commemoration but a forward-looking perspective. It underscores the notion that African Americans' optimism, resilience, and courage are not just historical footnotes. They are vibrant, living forces that should shape Alabama and America. 

Reflecting on this proclamation, we are reminded of the transformative power of an optimistic community and people.   It is a powerful model for what we can all aspire to be. 

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