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What's your Optimism Superpower? 


By Victor Perton

I believe optimism is a superpower and in a world that is increasingly enveloped by a fog of pessimism, it is ever more important you shine as a beacon of optimism.

One of the uplifting things about my research in optimism is observing the language of optimists and the way they express their optimism. The list below is my collection of ‘optimisms’.


Try This Exercise:   Pick one of these optimisms as your superpower: Write about that superpower and how it is reflected in your life, work, relationships and spirit.

Natural optimism, resilient optimism, purposeful optimism, realistic optimism, cautious optimism, relentless optimism, infectious optimism, professional optimism, sunny optimism, abundant optimism, worried optimism, sparkling optimism, serene optimism, bold optimism, stubborn optimism, radical optimism, magnetic optimism, audacious optimism or climate optimism.  Try any of the list of 100 optimisms below.

It could make an inspiring social media post, or you could share it with The Centre for Optimism using our online version of the Exercise.


Abundant optimism, active optimism, adaptive optimism, audacious optimism, authentic optimism

A beacon of optimism, bold optimism, buoyant optimism, brash optimism, brutal optimism, bubbly optimism, bulletproof optimism

Can-do optimism, cautious optimism,

Christian optimism, civic optimism and clear-eyed optimism.

Cockeyed optimism.
(See "Joe Biden is a bit of a Cockeyed Optimist")

Conscious optimism, conditional optimism, congenital optimism,  constructive optimism, and contagious optimism.

Courageous Optimism

Covert optimism, creative optimism, critical optimism, cultural optimism

Data-driven optimism, defiant optimism, deep optimism, deliberate optimism, desperate optimism.

Determined Optimism.

Dispositional optimism, disruptive optimism, dogged optimism, and dynamic optimism.


Ebullient optimism, electoral optimism, encouraging optimism, enduring optimism, engaged optimism, enormous optimism, enthusiastic optimism, eternal optimism, evidence-based optimism.

Existential optimism.

Fantastic optimism, fervid optimism.

Fervent Optimism
(See Geffrye Parsons is Fervently Optimistic)


Fierce optimism, fighting optimism, flexible optimism, forever hopeful optimism, forward-thinking optimism.

Fundamental Optimism
(Read Australian PM Albanese's use of this term)

A glimmer of optimism and grounded optimism.

Guarded Optimism.

Healthy optimism, heart-based optimism, heart-stirring optimism.

High Optimism.

Hopeful in-the-closet optimist.😉

Idealistic optimism, incurable optimism and infectious optimism.

Indefatigable optimism.

Infinite optimism, impatient optimism, innovators’ optimism, intelligent optimism and irrepressible optimism.

Latent optimism and laughter-filled optimism.

Liberal optimism and lived optimism.

Lively optimism!  
(See A Sense of Lively Optimism Permeates Lisa Congdon’s Work)


Long-now optimism and long-term optimism.

Macro optimism, magnetic optimism, mature optimism, measured optimism, metaphysical optimism, militant optimism, and modern optimism.

Modest Optimism 
(See Alaska's modest optimism)

Motivational optimism

Natural optimism, nervous optimism, net-zero optimism and never-ending optimism.

Pathological optimism, patient optimism, perennial optimism, and, persistent optimism.

Playful optimism.

Pollyanna optimism.

Pure optimism, practical optimism, pragmatic optimism, progressive optimism and purposeful optimism.

Radical optimism

Read More on Radical Optimism and Radical Optimists

Raging optimism, realistic optimism, realists’ optimism and rational optimism.

Rebellious Optimism

Reformist's optimism, relative optimism, relentless optimism, renewed optimism.

Reserved Optimism (save me!)

Restless optimism, 

Ridiculous optimism, romantic optimism, revolutionary Optimism, resilient optimism, resolute optimism, rigorous optimism and resolute optimism.

Restrained optimism.

Rowdy optimism

Science-based Optimism

Scrupulous optimism, serene optimism and sheer optimism.

Sky-High Optimism

Sparkling optimism, stirring optimism, stoic optimism, strategic optimism, stubborn optimism, sunny optimism and super optimism.

Tactical optimism, techno-optimism, tempered optimism, tenacious optimism.  

Tepid Optimism (not a superpower)

Therapeutic optimism and tough-minded optimism.‪

Tragic Optimism (Victor Frankl's “what matters is to make the best in any given situation")

Tremendous optimism.

Unabashed optimism, unbending optimism, unbreakable optimism, unbridled optimism, unfailing optimism, unflagging optimism.

Unquenchable optimism, unreasonable optimism, unrelenting optimism, unrivalled optimism, unshakeable optimism, unsinkable optimism, unswerving optimism, unwavering optimism.

Urgent Optimism
(Read Prince William on his Urgent Optimism)


Veiled optimism, vicarious optimism, visionary optimism.

Walt Disney Level Optimism.

Wary Optimism
(Read Sam Hurwitt on Lynn Nottage's Clyde's Optimism)

Weaponized optimism, wild optimism, wilful optimism.

Youthful Optimism.

Zealous optimism.

Optimism is your super power! with optimisms


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Libby Mears said,  "Optimism is such an important lens to take in all areas of life, optimism helps you find a way through the challenging times, helping us see the big picture and ensures our brains are looking for new opportunities! Being optimistic is a super power."

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