Optimism Gives you a Sense of Purpose: Will Hodgman

"For me, optimism importantly gives you a sense of purpose, the hope that we can make things better, and the comfort that in even the darkest of nights, the sun will rise tomorrow."

That's what Will Hodgman told me when I asked what makes him optimistic.

The Honourable Will Hodgman B.A., LL.B has returned to Australia after wonderful service as Australia's High Commissioner to Singapore.  Will led Tasmania as Premier before that.

For my book, Optimism: The How and Why, Will contributed this: “My father taught me; live every day like it’s your last. If you do that, every day you’ll focus on the future, what you can do to make a positive impact, and be thankful when you can do it all again tomorrow.”

This was endearing to me as Will's infectiously optimistic father, Michael Hodgman AM QC, moved my admission as a practitioner to the Supreme Court of Tasmania.

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