What makes you Optimistic that the World can address Climate Change?

What makes you Optimistic that the World can address Climate Change?

A good question was asked by Fast Company's Adele Peters of Melanie Nakagawa and reported in an article, "A day in the life of a chief sustainability officer: Q&A with Microsoft’s Melanie Nakagawa."

Melanie responded:

"I think three things: [First], just seeing all the talent that’s coming into this space. There’s so many people from tech moving into climate tech. There’s some phenomenal CEOs. There are just so many incredibly talented people who are dedicating their life mission to sustainability. How can one not be optimistic when you see just this growing, talented workforce showing us that we can get there?

"The second reason I’m optimistic is we started the flywheel of success already. Of course, there are questions around the speed and scale of that flywheel. But there already are successes. You have the world coming together in 2015 to demonstrate our global commitment to the climate challenge. You have large corporations not only making these pledges, but then showing their progress. You see more investment in this space, you see technology breakthroughs.

"And then the optimism honestly comes from the technology breakthroughs we don’t even know about. Working at Microsoft and seeing where we are on AI, and the opportunity that AI has for dramatically scaling sustainability wins in this space, really fills me with even more optimism."

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