Susanne Sundfør's Unflagging Optimism

Susanne Sundfør's Blómi's "unflagging optimism and embrace of new age ambience are joyously therapeutic."

I was taken by this description by Eric Mason in his article "Susanne Sundfør Blómi Review: A Spacious, Ambient Folk Meditation on Love."

Eric wrote, "The singer’s sixth studio album offers a widescreen perspective of humanity, optimism, and purpose... the album is a spacious, ambient-folk meditation on optimism and purpose with a widescreen perspective of humanity."


In an interview, Kieron Tyler asked Susanne about the album, "A gift looking for positivity when the world isn’t too filled with the positive?"

Susanne Sundfør: "Yes, it’s for the next generation of my family and for the previous generations as my family history is quite interesting. My grandfather Kjell Aartun worked as a linguist in theology. He studied ancient languages, and he found a lot of fertility images which could be quite erotic in character at times, and that is also part of the symbology I used – I used his words in the songs, like the waning moon in”Ashera's Song” is from one of his books. I mixed his fascinations, his writings on ancient texts with Tao and [imagery from] animist religions to create this symbolic world, an optimistic view of the world which celebrates life and fertility. It encapsulates all of this."

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BTW What is Unflagging Optimism?

Unflagging optimism is a persistent and unwavering belief in positive outcomes, even facing challenges or obstacles. It is an attitude of always looking for the good in situations and maintaining a positive outlook. Those with unflagging optimism can maintain hope and positivity despite adversity, setbacks, or failures. They remain committed to their goals and continue to work towards them with confidence and belief in their ability to succeed. Unflagging optimism is a valuable trait for individuals seeking to achieve their dreams and overcome obstacles.


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