Celebrating the Positive Leadership of Robert Masters AM

Celebrating the Positive Leadership of Robert Masters AM
by Victor Perton

On Australia Day, I was delighted to read that my friend Rob Masters, AM, was honoured by being appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM). 

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 8.47.47 amThe Honour was expressed in summary form "For significant service the marketing and communications sector, and to charitable organisations."  You can read more in detail on the Australia Day Honours announcement.

I interviewed Robert on his feelings about the Award and his reflections.

Victor Perton: As we gather to celebrate Australia Day, Robert Masters AM, it’s an honour to have you with us. How do you feel to be recognized in such a significant way on this special day?


Robert Masters AM: "It's incredibly humbling. Australia Day is a time for reflection on our nation's journey and a celebration of our diverse community. Being honoured today is not just a personal milestone but a moment to acknowledge all Australians' collective efforts and aspirations."


Victor Perton: Australia Day evokes different feelings in different people. What does Australia Day mean to you personally?


Robert Masters AM: "To me, Australia Day is about inclusivity, resilience, and the spirit of camaraderie that binds us. It's a day to celebrate our achievements, learn from our past, and commit to building a future that reflects the best of what we aspire to be as a nation."


Victor Perton: Speaking of the future, what makes you optimistic about it?


Robert Masters AM: "My optimism stems from the indomitable Australian spirit – our people's relentless drive and ingenuity. Despite challenges, Australians have consistently shown an ability to adapt, innovate, and thrive."


Victor Perton: And looking at Australia specifically, what fuels your optimism for our country's future?


Robert Masters AM: "What gives me hope for Australia is our strong sense of community and the shared values that guide us – fairness, equality, and the pursuit of opportunity for all. Our robust democratic institutions and the resilience of our economy also give me confidence in our collective future."


Victor Perton: Let’s delve into Australian leadership. Could you share your thoughts on the need for infectiously optimistic leaders?


Robert Masters AM: Leadership shapes the ethos of a nation. In today's complex global landscape, we need leaders who can inspire hope and instil confidence. Infectiously optimistic leaders can mobilize communities, spur innovation, and drive us towards common goals with a positive vision.


Victor Perton: You are one of Australia's great communications strategists, and on strategy, you once mentioned to me that optimism plays a critical role. Can you elaborate on that?


Robert Masters AM: Absolutely. It does not matter what strategies you adopt to achieve your goals, as long as they include optimism in the ‘how’ and ‘why’." Optimism is the 'secret' ingredient in the best corporate and political strategies. It's a vital component in achieving the objectives of any mission. This aligns with my own belief that leaders who recognize and promote optimism are better equipped to achieve their mission. Churchill's famous defence speech and his unwavering optimism during World War II exemplify how optimism inspires those to deliver the strategies' objectives. It's about fostering a mindset that looks beyond today's challenges and towards tomorrow's victories.


Now more than ever, we are in a time that calls for leaders to be beacons of hope. Optimism in strategy is not just about a feel-good factor; it's about setting a tone that empowers and energizes those around us. It's about creating a culture where the challenges we face are not roadblocks but stepping stones to greater achievements.


Victor Perton: What brings you joy and optimism as we commemorate Australia Day?


Robert Masters AM: "This Australia Day, joy comes from the people of Australia—their spirit, unity, and relentless pursuit of a better community for all. It's the smiles, the shared stories, the acts of kindness that define our national character. This is what fuels my optimism for our nation's future."


Victor Perton: Finally, with your experience and insight, what message do you have for Australians as we look to the future?


Robert Masters AM: "My message is simple: let's embrace optimism as our compass. Let's approach every challenge with the belief that we can overcome it and every opportunity with the determination to make the most of it. If we do this, there's no limit to what we can achieve as a nation. Here's to a future where we continue to uphold the values that make this country great, guided by optimism and strong leadership."



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