Narendra Modi's Optimism

"Your foremost strategy should be to turn the pessimistic mindset to an optimistic system."

Speaking at the Conference on Transformation of Aspirational Districts, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "you might have experienced by and large in these regions that even if you are extremely enthusiastic, committed and dedicated, you will find some people in your office to demotivate you by saying – ‘there is no point working here, nothing will change, you are wasting your time, you are new so are unaware’. They will shower you with such knowledge. Therefore, to change the psychology, there needs to be a success story. Success stories build up their confidence - yes this is possible! Your foremost strategy should be to turn the pessimistic mind-set to an optimistic system. What can be the ways to achieve this? Like, I have suggested one way of achieving the low hanging fruits immediately. You only will do the work and achieve the targets which can prove to be encouraging."

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"I am an optimist, only an optimist can bring and instill hope in the country. We will leave pessimism behind.  The meaning of democracy is not limited to electing a government, it is for the 1,25 crore citizens to work together." (Attributed to Modi by Jaibans Singh)

Speaking in Japan in May 2022, Modi said, "As much as today's India is proud of its past, it is equally optimistic about the technology-led, science led, innovation-led and talent led future. Influenced by Japan, Swami Vivekananda once said that we Indian youth must visit Japan at least once in our life. I do not believe that you people have come to Japan after reading these sentences, but Vivekananda had told the people of India that brother, you must once go and see how is Japan."

Speaking at the Malayala Manorama New Conclave 2019. Modi said, "How the spirit has changed in India can be summed up using just two words. Five years ago, people would ask- will we? Will we ever be free from dirt? Will we ever remove policy paralysis? Will we ever eliminate corruption? Today people say- we will! We will be a Swachh Bharat. We will be a nation free from corruption. We will make good governance a mass movement. The word ‘will', which earlier denoted a pessimistic question now reflects the optimistic spirit of a youthful nation."




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