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Kamala Harris asks us to be driven by compassion and optimism.

Speaking atthe National Baptist Convention, American Vice President Kamala Harris said, “These are unsettled times.  And today then, I ask on everyone here — I ask each one of us to continue to be driven by compassion and optimism.  Because there’s so much about what we have always stood for that has not been a fight against something, it has been a fight for something, fueled by our faith, fueled by optimism, and also fueled by empathy and enlightenment, driven by our love of country and a belief in the promise of our nation. 

“So let us, people of faith, continue to defend our democracy, continue to defend our liberty and our freedoms.  Let us continue to fight to build a better future.  And let us continue to have faith in God, in our country, and in each other, because together we will continue to usher in the dawn.”

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