Optimism in my case was a learned behaviour: Jay Jethwa

by Jay Jewtha

"When there was no hope left one fine day many years ago when the military junta in Uganda decided that those of us (even though born in Uganda -two generations) who were not of “African Heritage” had to leave the country with just 24 hours notice, by sheer strength of determination of my parents, and optimism to the max, we started life in the UK as refugees.

"Optimism in my case was a “learned” behaviour, really out of necessity.

"Fortunately, this trait has remained intact throughout my life.

As long as you know that the “sun will rise tomorrow “, and a positive human spirit is there, all the trials and tribulations you face are just like passing clouds.

"Optimism is a uniquely human survival mechanism to cope with these adversities.

"And so, Coronavirus shall pass also."


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