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A very Optimistic Woman’s Point of View: Shania Twain

"it’s a very optimistic woman’s point of view."

Shania Twain on the making of "Come On Over."

Shania said,  “It happened over a very long period of time. My intentions all along were to make a better album. I had a much better idea of what the fans so far, who had bought [The Woman In Me] were interested in and what they liked best, and it was the more progressive stuff, so I figured I should just make a more progressive album. So this whole album is more in your face lyrically. t’s not crude or anything like that; it’s a very optimistic woman’s point of view. It’s not an angry feminist/victim kind of point of view. There’s a lot of subject matter that I shed some comic relief on. Some people may think I make light of the subjects because of the way I talk about things. The whole point behind songwriting for me is to entertain people, I’m not trying to lay heavy loads on people when they’re listening. I try to make things conversational, and it’s not that easy, it’s easier to rhyme and make things sound poetic.” 
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