Innes Willox very Optimistic about Clean Economy Opportunities

"I am very optimistic about the opportunity the clean economy transition represents for Australian businesses," said Innes Willox, Ai Group Chief Executive.

What do we need for a successful clean economy transition? Infectiously optimistic leadership for one. Skills and Passion for sure! An abundance mindset?

Speaking about the report, "Skills for a cleaner future," Ai Group Centre for Education and Training Executive Director Megan Lilly said: "The findings show there is a lot of #opportunity, but many Australian businesses are unsure if they have the skills and capabilities they need. Our research shows businesses are optimistic about rising to this challenge, but in many cases haven’t thought through the skills and workforce needed to take them there."

Having seen what can be done at Yarra Valley Water, I am optimistic too!

The Ai Group's "Skills for a Cleaner Future" report highlights a critical, yet often overlooked, aspect of the transition to a clean economy: optimism. This isn't mere fluff; it's a strategic advantage.

But simply "feeling optimistic" isn't enough. Businesses need to cultivate optimism within their culture actively. This means making it a driving force behind strategic planning, decision-making, and execution. 

By embracing optimism as a strategic asset, businesses can effectively navigate the clean economy transition and become powerful changemakers, inspiring others and accelerating the journey towards a more sustainable future.

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