Informed Optimism: An Element for Climate Solutions

Informed Optimism: An Element for Climate Solutions
by Victor Perton

"Informed optimism" is emerging as an element in crafting effective responses to the pressing challenges of our time. This concept, championed by Gill Einhorn, Rosie Ponting, and Flora McCrone of the World Economic Forum's Centre for Nature and Climate, offers a blend of realistic understanding and hopeful perspective as we navigate the complexities of the climate crisis. 

In contrast to the pessimism of its World Risk Report, the WEF has launched the Earth Decides initiative to empower leaders with the knowledge and hope needed to drive meaningful change underpinned by informed optimism.

The significance of the term informed optimism resonated with me.

In our thousands of interviews and survey responses, only two individuals used this term, although, in fairness, we had yet to prompt people with the term.

Dr Toni Meath, Principal of Melbourne Girls Grammar, captured its essence in the context of education: "Schools are natural centres of optimism. Nothing can quite compare to the buzz and hum of a school in action. They are places where minds of all ages come together with hope and informed optimism to make positive change. In schools, you will find a remarkable sense of fun, optimism, and joy; it goes with the territory of children and young people.

Toni's wisdom highlights how informed optimism isn't merely about being positive; it's about channelling the energy and creativity of youth into actionable, positive outcomes underpinned by knowledge and foresight.

Bernie Masters, who identifies as an informed optimist, also personifies this concept. His perspective sheds light on the human drive to improve our circumstances: "What makes me optimistic? People are inventive and will always look for ways to better their lot in life." 

His stance demonstrates that informed optimism can be more than an academic term; it can be a personal philosophy, informing daily choices and more significant life decisions with a balance of wisdom and positivity.

Informed optimism shares similarities with "intelligent optimism," a term that aligns closely with its principles. I recently delved into this idea in my article "Could Intelligent Optimism be Your Superpower for 2024 and Beyond?" discussing how this mindset could empower individuals to navigate the future with a proactive and enlightened attitude. 

Much like informed optimism, intelligent optimism is about coupling a positive outlook with a deep understanding of facts and a strategic approach to problem-solving.

Optimism is essential for motivating action, building resilience against setbacks, encouraging collaboration, and inspiring innovation—especially crucial in the quest for climate solutions. The Earth Decides initiative exemplifies the practical application of informed optimism, aiming to instil a sense of achievable hope among global decision-makers and influencers.

We need more climate optimists and climate optimistm. Pessimism paralyses, while the best thinkers on climate change advocate optimism, leading to innovation and creativity. The Centre for Optimism has been at the forefront, championing climate optimism as a force for transformative change. This approach does not dismiss the scale of the climate crisis but instead confronts it with the belief that solutions are within our reach.

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In conclusion, as the Centre for Optimism and the World Economic Forum's Centre for Nature and Climate advocate, informed optimism stands not just as an academic term but as a beacon for climate action, guiding us toward sustainable and impactful solutions.


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