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It’s a choice to be optimistic: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Speaking this week, Hillary Clinton said, "It's a choice to be optimistic."

As Hillary said, it's a choice and mindset. Reminds me of what Sandy Seeber-Quayle told me, "What makes me optimistic? For me, there are a few things that all come back to the faith, that the majority of people in this world are good at heart, that the sun always shines above the clouds, that there will be a tomorrow, and whatever bothers me right now will pass at some point. Being optimistic is a mindset that each of us is free to choose.”

Chris Webb told me "I am optimistic because I choose to be. Natural or unconscious optimism is a great team and leadership trait, but being able to consciously choose to switch it on can be really powerful. Optimism allows you to see the positive possibilities before the barriers. Using it consciously helps you find pathways through complex issues and opening up new approaches to old problems.”

The Dalai Lama put it best, “Choose optimism. It feels better."



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