Have You Ever Used the Expression "Grand Rising"?

Until today, I had not heard the greeting “Grand Rising.” Originating from spiritual and wellness communities, this phrase signifies more than a traditional “good morning.” It embodies a declaration of positivity and optimism, setting an intentional tone for the day.

The expression aligns with the unique expression I developed, foster, and recommend in Australia: replacing the routine inquiry “How are you?” with something more uplifting, such as “What’s been the best thing in your day?” This shift in greetings encourages people to engage in more positive and meaningful interactions, reflecting an optimistic outlook towards everyday encounters.

“Grand Rising” has gained traction in communities worldwide that embrace holistic philosophies. The digital age, especially social media, has been instrumental in promoting this greeting across global networks. Its growing popularity signifies a broader movement towards more intentional and optimistic language use among people.

Incorporating “Grand Rising” into daily communication could influence one’s mindset and interactions. As coach Scott “Q” Marcus says, “when one greets the day with ‘grand rising,’ it is sending a message of positivity and optimism.” This simple yet profound change in how people greet each new day and interact with others infuses routine with a sense of hope and mindfulness, a testament to the power of optimistic language.

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