Climate Optimism Now: The Charge for Change

Climate Optimism Now: The Charge for Change
by Victor Perton

In the article, "Why a mindset of stubborn optimism about the climate crisis is needed, now more than ever," Christiana Figueres makes a compelling case for optimism in the face of the climate crisis. 

I agree.

Christiana writes, "Optimism is most useful in the most challenging times. It's a candle we hold up in the darkness, not a celebration evoked by an achievement or a sign of progress."

I agree.

Last night, I was reading Hannah Ritchie's new book "Not the End of the World: How We Can Be the First Generation to Build a Sustainable Planet," which also emphasises the necessity of an optimistic approach to environmental problems. She insists on the need for an optimistic belief in our collective problem-solving abilities, a belief that is foundational for spurring action and sustaining momentum towards environmental sustainability.

Hannah says, "If we want to get serious about tackling the world's environmental problems, we need to be more optimistic. We need to believe that it is possible to tackle them."

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Christiana's brand revolves around her unwavering belief in the power of positivity, even amidst difficulties. She defines this brand as 'stubborn optimism,' as a courageous choice that fuels her resilience.

That Optimism Man, Radical Optimist - I wear those badges with pride. Daring to explore even Pollyanna Optimism, like sunflowers blooming through cracked pavement.

Christiana and I believe that the greatest challenges forge the brightest optimism.

I focus on training leaders in infectious optimism - This is not just about maintaining a hopeful attitude but cultivating a contagion of optimism. Infectious optimism is not the grand speech or the vision statement of the wall, but it's tapping into the optimism of the team colleagues and community.

Why manage when you can illuminate? In my workshops, I equip leaders to become beacons of infectious optimism, painting tapestries of possibility with their words and radiating unwavering belief that anchors teams and melts away doubt. We celebrate progress and personal contributions, weaving narratives of hope that shimmer with promise and draw individuals into the gravitational pull of a collective dream. This is where leaders become constellations, igniting their teams with shared purpose and creating luminous trails of positivity that ripple outward long after the workshop ends. 

Over the last year, I have focused on inspiring people with the lifetime mission after training in optimism: To be magnetically optimistic.

"magnetic optimism' draws others in, encouraging proactive engagement with our planet's future and cultivating a mindset that embraces the potential for positive change.

Magnetic optimism spreads positivity through smiles, eye contact, laughter, storytelling, and positive questioning. It's an optimism so tangible and alluring that it inspires people to reach out and touch a future brimming with possibility. 

Magnetic optimism is an active force, not a passive hope, and it can guide innovators and leaders to inspire their communities toward crafting a better tomorrow.

As we navigate this critical juncture in our planetary history, adopting an infectious optimism towards a tangible optimism toward a magnetic optimism could be vital to unlocking the collective will and creativity needed to forge a sustainable path forward and a build an even better world.

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