Climate Change and Innovation: Opportunities and Optimism

September 2020 This interesting panel conversation was led by ideaSpies Climate Editors Angus M Robinson and Jeremy Wright and moderated by The Centre for Optimism's Victor Perton with Idea Spies Chair Lynn Wood and Maddie Cunningham.


The panellists: Dr Vanessa Rauland, Founder and CEO at ClimateClever. Vanessa "is a carbon nerd, a yoga junkie, an outdoor enthusiast and an eternal optimist." Rebecca Huntley, author of "How to Talk about Climate Change in a way that makes a Difference" Dr Tom Denniss, Executive Chair, Wave Swell Energy Ltd Daniel Mason-D’Croz, Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO William Blomfield, Assistant Director, Climate Innovation and Investment, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Grant McDowell, Co-Founder Enosi Australia

Victor Perton asked each participant what makes you optimistic.

"What makes me optimistic, Victor is the people."
Grant McDowell

"The size of the challenge itself makes me somewhat optimistic."
Daniel Mason-D'Croz

"I think it's just natural to my character to be optimistic, but I also find that when I'm optimistic, stuff gets done, things get achieved, and that feeds on itself, and that just makes me more and more optimistic." Tom Denniss

"Optimism is a moral and ethical choice you have to make often on a daily basis."
Rebecca Huntley

disruption and the power of exponential growth"
William Blomfield

Victor asked William Blomfield what makes him
optimistic. Will told Victor, "I think three factors, clean disruption and the power of exponential growth, the broad-based global response we're seeing. It's not just individuals, communities, governments at all levels, it's cities, it's towns. And the third one is the idea of tipping points. I think this is an idea that we usually associate with earth systems, but it's also something for the financial system and social systems and I think we're pushing on those right now."

"I am an
Angus Robinson

"The potential for the
European Green Deal"
Jeremy Wright

children fill me with happiness and hope. And that's what makes me optimistic about the world around us!"
Madeline Cunningham

"I am
optimistic when I see ideas and innovation which address climate change."
Lynn Wood

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