Optimists Richard Scolyer and Georgina Long are the Australians of the Year 2024

Richard Scolyer and Georgina Long, the 2024 Australians of the Year, are inspiring examples of optimism in medical science and life in general. Their exemplary work in melanoma research, coupled with Scolyer's battle against Grade 4 glioblastoma, showcases their unwavering belief in the transformative power of optimism in the medical field.

Professor Georgina Long's optimism is infectious. "I am incredibly positive, optimistic and hopeful that we will get there. I know the entire team at MIA is just as passionate, and with that passion, we will get to zero deaths in my lifetime," she asserts, reflecting a deep-seated belief in their mission and the potential impact of their work.

So too, Richard, in an interview, "Understanding How to Trea Melanoma, described himself as "very optimistic."

Richard Scolyer's journey adds a profound layer to this narrative of optimism. Faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis, he chose to see his condition as an opportunity to advance medical research. His groundbreaking treatment combined neoadjuvant immunotherapy and a personalized cancer vaccine, driven by his optimistic belief in scientific innovation. His reaction to the successful treatment of his cancer underscores this sentiment. "I'm blown away, as a doctor and a pathologist … it has left me with optimism. I'm thrilled about it," he expressed, embodying an optimism that extends beyond personal triumph to a broader scientific breakthrough​​.

Scolyer and Long represent what can be achieved through an optimistic outlook. They embody the principle that optimism is not just hope but a driving force in overcoming significant challenges, be it in advanced medical research or personal health battles. Their stories remind us that optimism, passion, and dedication can surmount even the most daunting challenges.





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