You can’t be an optimist if there are no problems

"You can’t be an optimist if there are no problems. You can’t be hopeful if there’s nothing to be hopeless about," said Julio Torres in an interview about the film Problemista.
His costar, Tilda Swinton, said, “There was a time when we all thought things were just inevitably going to get better, and then, fairly recently, we realized that evolution can throw really nasty tricks in our way, and things can go badly backwards. And here we are, suggesting that we don’t have to get used to that, and it’s worth being an optimist, because, however shit things are, sometimes you can actually get through the wire and get over the hill. We’re all trying to be so brave, buckling down to the inevitable disasters coming down the pike, but it’s actually true that there are wonderful things that happen, and we can make them so. It does feel transgressive, but, at the same time, it’s good for people to believe that we can actually prevail.”
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