Finland Calling: Australia, Take the Time to Celebrate your Joys


Finland Calling: Australia, Take the Time to Celebrate your Joys

Finland-based The Art and Science of Joy launches its year of joy this week, highlighting the joy-superpower of optimism in partnership with the Australian-based Centre for Optimism.

The Year of Joy community offers people the opportunity to join like-minded people in an uplifting community and receive free access to inspiring and optimistic stories, wisdom, and practical tips to help us find more joy in our lives.

The Year of Joy will start with a Week of Optimism and Joy in partnership with The Centre for Optimism.

Each week in the Year of Joy, a different “Superpower”, covering one of the four core joy ingredients of well-being, belonging, positive impact, and fun, will be featured. Experts will share their knowledge and advice on how to use each Joy Superpower to bring more joy to their lives, as well as to the lives of others.

During the Year of Joy, there will be many online and in-person engagement opportunities.

The first online event will be an Hour of Optimism and Joy” on Friday, 20 January, at 12 pm Australian AEST and at 8 pm Thursday, 19 January Americas ET.  The first live event will be a Breakfast Celebration of Optimism and Joy in Port Melbourne on 21 January.

The “Hour of Optimism and Joy” live event will feature Shari Alyse, Andrew Cannon and Debby Schlesinger-Hellman from the Art and Science of Joy, with Noirin Mosley and Victor Perton from the Centre for Optimism, who will lead an interactive discussion on the combined power of Joy and Optimism. The official Hour of Optimism and Joy will be immediately followed by an informal after-party offering participants further opportunities to engage and share.

Registration for the Hour of Optimism and Joy live event is through this Zoom link.

Registration for the Melbourne Breakfast is via this Eventbrite Link

More information about The Year of Joy is available at

More information about The Centre for Optimism's Joy Week

Quotable Quotes

Andrew Cannon, the co-founder of The Art and Science of Joy and project lead on the Year of Joy initiative, said, “The world is going through great transformation, and as we enter a new year, we have a choice of how we want to face this transformation? With joy and optimism or with fear and pessimism? We are excited to team up with Victor and Noirin from the Centre for Optimism on our mission to empower people to build more joy into their lives.”

"I have found that optimism is a catalyst for joy because it keeps me focused on the good, sets me up for wins no matter what, and keeps me grateful and appreciative for the gift of this moment."

The Centre for Optimism's Noirin Mosley said, "Optimism fuels and enhances the joy that we can all experience in our daily life. There is arguably nothing better than to enjoy and feel a pure moment of joy."

Victor Perton believes, "An optimistic spirit can bring significant benefits, including happiness, joy, active longevity, better health including lower risks of cardiovascular disease, better sleep, greater resilience, stronger relationships and increased self-mastery."

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Shari Alyse, Media Spokeswoman for The Art and Science of Joy

Victor Perton +61 417 217 241

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The Art and Science of Joy is a business providing solutions, including the Joy Barometer and Recipe for Joy, for harvesting joy in people’s lives. These tools can be used by individuals who wish to build more joy into their lives and organizations that wish to enhance their employee experience and nurture a happier and more resilient workforce. Demand is driven by the recognition that people are seeking greater purpose and place more importance on fulfilment and joy in their work and personal life (which in recent years have become inherently intertwined); investing in the employee experience has become critical for retention and growth. Learn more at

Main Executives

Andrew Cannon
Debby Schlesinger-Hellman

Headquarters: Espoo, Finland

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Shari Alyse, Joy Reporter and Media Spokeswoman:


The Centre for Optimism is a research centre researching optimism and positive leadership: It asks people from Presidents and Prime Ministers to people on the street, “What makes you Optimstic?” Its workshops and website provide research-based tools and habits for people to become more optimistic and infect their colleagues. Over its three years of existence, it has worked in hospitals, prison, schools, government departments, universities and corporations to provide people with the personal habits and tools to be more optimistic and infectiously optimistic. Its members and subscribers are now spread over 82 countries.  Its Hour of Optimism series has served communities in difficulty, from Ukraine to the Congo DRC to Afghan refugees.

Team Leadership

Victor Perton CEO
Robert Masters Chair
Nóirín Mosley, Board

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

For further information, images, or interviews, please contact:

Victor Perton +61 417 217 241

Noirin Mosley +614 00195676

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