What makes People Optimistic? The Words that Count.

As you know, my primary research question is asking people, "What makes you Optimistic?" 

Through this exploration, the variety and depth of responses reveal a fascinating glimpse into the human spirit. The most frequently mentioned factor is "people" themselves, illustrating a profound belief in human potential and the power of collective effort. This emphasis on "people" suggests an inherent trust in humanity's ability to create positive change and make meaningful contributions to society.

"Work" emerges prominently, indicating that dedication, progress, and achievements in various fields are significant sources of optimism. Many respondents find inspiration in the actions and successes of others, whether in scientific breakthroughs, artistic endeavours, or humanitarian efforts.

"Family," encompassing relatives from parents to children, is frequently cited as a key source of optimism. This highlights the importance of close personal relationships and the support and love that family members provide.

Broader concepts like "future," "belief," "hope," and "humanity" recur in responses, pointing to a general outlook that is forward-looking and grounded in a sense of possibility and positivity. 

The prevalence of words like "love," "faith," "experience," "nature," and "community" underscores the depth of connections people feel – both with each other and the world around them. These aspects collectively suggest that optimism is more than a fleeting feeling; it's a sustained mindset shaped by life experiences, resilience in overcoming challenges, and a perspective that every circumstance, no matter how daunting, holds the potential for positive outcomes and growth. 

The diverse array of insights from thousands of people worldwide illustrates that sources of optimism are as varied as life itself, found in grand achievements and simple, everyday moments.

Worth Doing: Our 5-Minute Survey on "What makes you Optimistic?"

What Acts of Kindness make people optimistic?

Asking people what makes them optimistic, many talk to me about"acts of kindness". Here are some examples:

"I know that I can change people's lives by doing small acts of kindness."

"The random acts of kindness that bring sunshine on a gloomy day."

"The unwavering resilience and determination of individuals, the collective acts of kindness that ripple through society, and the endless possibilities that each new day brings."

"Family, acts of kindness and leadership"

"I have witnessed an increase in acts of kindness."

"Seeing acts of kindness."

"Despite all the challenges society and humanity face in the next century, our collective ingenuity seems to be up to the task... The impending birth of our first grandchild, acts of kindness and acts of heroism."

"Experience, acts of kindness, e.g., a stranger says hello or good morning."

"Checking on people to ensure they are OK, and pay forward random acts of kindness."

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