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Turn Down the News and Spread Optimism and Hope

An event hosted by Project Optimism and The Centre for Optimism in August 2021. 


"Even if it all goes pear-shaped, I know whom I'm going to be hanging out with at the end of the world - the optimists!"

The joy and wisdom of Tané Hunter

Tané shared his optimism with us in our event "Turn Down the News and Spread Optimism and Hope" with another special guest Jey Srikantha and hosts Nóirín Mosley and Jenny Boymal from Project Optimism and Victor Perton from The Centre for Optimism.

Tane said "What makes me optimistic? If I can use Hans Rosling as an example, I love a quote from him. "The world is getting better, but it is still not yet good enough." You have to hold these two ideas in your head at the same time because we have the technology, we've got the science, we've got the people, the human ingenuity, the kindness, the caring, the empathy. And what gives me optimism is the fact that we can do this. 

"Now, the only issue that makes me slightly less optimistic is how are we going to do it? And how can we tune our news feeds, our information diets, to activate people rather than FUD; fear, uncertainty, and doubt. And so, having said that, I am an unabated optimist, and I think we can do this. 

"And at the end of the world party, I want to be hanging out with people that were like, "Yeah, we gave it the best shot!"  

"I do not want to hang out with people who are like, "I told you so." So even if it all goes pear-shaped, I know whom I'm going to be hanging out with at the end of the world - the optimists!"

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